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     WHO ARE WE ?

      HYDRO-GEO ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP works as a team with experienced specialists in the field of high technology, as well as geological, hydrogeological and environmental issues. The main goal of our company is to provide better, professional, objective services in this field in Azerbaijan and abroad.

    Since its establishment, our company has successfully participated in many large and strategic projects and successfully completed each project.

    In our company, labor protection, safety and environmental protection are organized in accordance with the "Labor Code", international norms and standards. The creation of working conditions in accordance with sanitary and hygienic norms is monitored for the healthy and safe work of employees, employees are provided with personal protective equipment in accordance with the norms and undergo periodic medical examinations.


    OUR MISSION - To develop together with our country, gaining the sympathy of our partners with our high services by applying modern technologies.


      SPECIALIST TEAM - Our staff consists of fully trained specialists in their field. consists of. Project solutions are provided with the advice of our employees with various degrees in geological, hydrogeological and design work. Our team includes professional specialists in various fields, academicians, doctors of sciences, candidates of sciences and other scientific degrees who have risen to the highest levels of their specialties. This encourages more efficient project management and prompt decision making. In addition, each of the technical staff serving in the field consists of staff who have participated in certain trainings in their field, gained experience, improved in their field and passed the relevant certification process.