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      Geology is a complex of sciences about the upper solid layer and the deeper layers (spheres) called the earth's crust. Geology in the true sense of the word is the science of the formation, composition, structure, movements of the Earth, the history of its development, the origin of minerals, the laws of their location and methods of exploration. Our company, in turn, is engaged in the following geological sciences in HYDRO-GEO ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP LLC together with specialized specialists.


      Groundwater prospecting and exploration Determination of groundwater source and assessment of operational reserves Laboratory measurements and analysis of groundwater Exploration and exploration of mineral-thermal waters Research of ditches and springs, rehabilitation and construction of new ditch systems Groundwater monitoring (by water level, quality, dynamics)




      Vertical Electrical Probing (MEC), Magnetometric exploration, Gravimetric exploration, Magnetotelluric exploration and analysis of research results, preparation of 2D and 3D maps. Geophysical logging in wells and preparation of well design by analyzing the results.



                                              Engineer Geology

      Engineer based on geological surveys: the extent and speed of compaction of rocks under the weight of construction; resistance to the rock being pushed out from under the foundation; strength of walls in foundations, quarries, canals and other excavations; resistance of the water basin dam to the water pressure of the basin; washing of water basin shores; strength conditions of construction foundations in areas where groundwater level rises; The durability of objects built in seismic, karst, landslide and other zones is studied.




      Determination of physical and chemical characteristics of water, classification and preparation of hydrogeochemical maps by taking laboratory analyzes of groundwater or surface water in water sources. Determining the suitability of classified water sources as drinking or technical water.



                                              Mountain-mining geology

      Carrying out geological and engineering geological research works in the designated areas for the purpose of prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits and appropriate laboratory analysis of the extracted rock samples.